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Keanu Reeves is not on social media and does not contact fans asking for money. Scam websites claiming to be associated with Keanu have been asking for donations to charity on his behalf, or offering paid memberships with benefits like joining him on a holiday. Please be discerning, and help inform anyone who may be particularly vulnerable to such scams. Stay safe out there.

Keanu Articles Archive: Chapter Six

[STICKIED] 14 May 2023 | Whoa is (Not) Me

Hi everyone, after 15 years of operation, we have decided to close the articles archive and make it members-only. This archive began as a small group of fans locating and sharing articles among themselves, but as the site has grown and become much more public, there are increasing copyright concerns around reposting material from other sources.

The existing archive will remain available in full to anyone with an account – membership is free – but we ask that you refrain from publicly reposting content elsewhere. We will continue to update this site with links to articles on Keanu, but they will not be included in the archive itself. Thank you all for your continued support over all these years!

(If you encounter any technical bugs due to the coding changes, drop me an email at admin(at)whoaisnotme.net.)

How Keanu Reeves Became the Face of Suntory's 100th-Anniversary Ad Campaign: 'Suntory Time'

6 Jun 2023 | Christopher Friedmann | Mensjournal

He's private, humble, energetic, and passionate—at least from what I gathered after meeting him for 35 minutes ahead of a dinner celebrating 100 years of the House of Suntory and its latest campaign, directed by Coppola. We drank Hibiki 21-Year-Old and discussed what, at this point in his career, drew him to an advertising campaign. After all, with a variety of strong movie franchises, he certainly doesn’t need the work. ... Read more

Keanu Reeves Talks Whisky, (John) Wick and What He Stocks on His Bar Cart

5 Jun 2023 | Brad Japhe | Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone recently caught up with Reeves in London, where he was introducing Suntory’s 100th Anniversary bottlings to European audiences at an exclusive gala and tasting. The famously pensive leading man pontificated on inspiration, aspiration and his long-lasting love affair with Japan—including, but by no means limited to, its whisky. ... Read more

The Return of Dogstar: Why Keanu Reeves’ Rock Trio Was Resurrected

26 May 2023 | Jason Lipshutz | Billboard

Keanu Reeves dismisses the idea that playing bass in his long-defunct rock trio, Dogstar, was a passion project that he hoped to make time for in between a prolific Hollywood career. “It’s not ‘make time for it,’” he tells Billboard, his hair shagging into his eyes, during a Zoom call earlier this week. “It’s something that’s part of my life.”... Read more

Keanu Reeves on Working with Ex Sofia Coppola on New Collab: 'A Special Opportunity' (Exclusive)

25 May 2023 | Carly Breit | People

Reeves tells PEOPLE it was an easy yes. "It was cool [to get] a chance to work with Sofia Coppola and to work with [her brother] Roman Coppola on a kind of short commercial and then a docu-series. It was a really special opportunity."... Read more

Keanu Reeves and Sofia Coppola work with the House of Suntory

24 May 2023 | Jessica Mason | The Drinks Business

Hollywood icons Keanu Reeves and Sofia Coppola have teamed up with the House of Suntory for the company’s 100th whisky-making anniversary.... Read more

Keanu Reeves Stars In New Film Directed By Sofia Coppola To Celebrate Japanese Whiskey

24 May 2023 | Team Elle | Elle

The new advert acts as a love letter to 'Suntory Time' - a phrase which Coppola made popular in her hit film Lost In Translation. The docu-series, which follows later this year, and is directed by Sofia's brother Roman Coppola, sees the director and Speed actor take a trip to Japan.... Read more

Keanu Reeves Has Thoughts About Potentially Going Blond For Constantine 2

14 Apr 2023 | Eric Eisenberg | Cinema Blend

In the nearly 20 years since it was first released, Francis Lawrence's Constantine has garnered a lot of appreciation from fans – but a minor sticking point in judgement has long existed regarding the casting of Keanu Reeves in the titular role.... Read more

Keanu Reeves Says His Last Moment of Bliss Was in Bed with 'My Honey' Alexandra Grant

28 Mar 2023 | Julie Jordan | People

Keanu Reeves will always be appreciative of a little happiness.... Read more

Keanu Reeves talks 'John Wick: Chapter 4': 'The film is really epic'

20 Mar 2023 | Carson Blackwelder | ABCNews.com

For an actor like Reeves, that's quite the statement considering he's one of America's most beloved action stars and has appeared in films like "Point Break," "Speed" and, of course, "The Matrix."... Read more

Keanu Reeves devastates the internet, admits he’s not perfect

16 Mar 2023 | Nicki Gostin | Page Six

Although Keanu Reeves knows he’s the internet’s boyfriend, he wants everyone to understand he has his flaws just like the rest of us mere mortals.... Read more

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It's been 8 years since the last dinosaur, so let's make up for it with a really cool one! This is the psittacosaurus. (It is not to be confused with a pistachiosaurus, which is a dinosaur made up of pistachio nuts.) The psittacosaurus was a Early Cretaceous herbivorous dinosaur originating in Asia. It had a beak, and quills on its tail, and possibly looked like a giant parrot with legs. It was roughly 2m in length.

There are 12 known species of psittacosaurus, the highest for any non-avian dinosaur so far. Hundreds of fossils have been discovered across China, Russia, Mongolia and Thailand – many of them complete skeletons from all stages of life.

Psittacosaurus had a small but advanced brain. It is estimated to have had a high EQ, suggesting nest-building and parental care behaviours and possibly good companionship for any lost time travellers. (Notably, however, the T-rex also had a high EQ, and that did not stop it from happily eating people in the scientific documentary that is Jurassic Park. Do always take caution when going on excellent adventures through time.)

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