Just 'Johnny'

Johnny Mnemonic (1995)

Looking out for Number One

Occupation:Information courier
Distinguishing Feature:An unhealthy addiction to room service
What He Taught Us:How to spell 'mnemonic'

Keanu Reeves

I play this guy who doesn't have an altruistic bone in his body. He's very self-centered. Very angular, My suits are sharp angles. I got to work with a lot of shapes and emotions of shapes. I was doing really precise, straight lines. Investigating that shape with emotion. I was doing a whole thing of, like, mother equals round. Anger equals straight. I saw the heart as a round notion. The journey of this character starts out very angular and straight. By breaking him down, compassion is born. And he gains responsibility and compassion and a warming. Then he's open for an embrace.

I like Johnny. I like how he feels, his physicality. I like his haircut. I like his taste in clothing...he's cool. He's had his childhood wiped from his memory so that he can store other data there. He's like a yuppie gone berserk but I like him. He's got a good heart - like most of the characters I play.


This is treasure! I cannot find any interviews of Keanu talking about this film. It is nice to read how he interpreted the character. He acted very well in this film.